Our Story

Our Story

With a perspective on wine both firmly rooted in the sun-soaked California terroir and inspired by the mystery of the Pacific Ocean, Point Conception wines are a careful craftmanship of head winemaker Etienne Terlinden.

From from vine to barrel and soil to surf, our painstaking approach marries small-batch, heirloom vines with new-world California winemaking. This wine avoids overuse of pesticides and additives. We like to keep things simple and stay true to mother nature. What you get is a fantastic glass of wine inspired by adventurous surfers and hardworking farmers.

Point Conception wines are born of the unique California terroir and roiling swells of their namesake. The lighthouse-tipped headland crossing Southwest Santa Barbara County is the dividing line between Northern and Southern California. Once a surfing mecca, only the most advanced riders confronted the dangerous points, reefs, and 14-foot waves. Nowadays, access is limited. 

Only the brave navigate waters beyond the "No Trespassing" signs. Many ships have sunk here, and evidence of wrecks dating to the 16th century periodically wash ashore. Sirens and lonely fog horns call across marine layer mornings, and submerged beneath the surface lie currents refusing any attempts of civilization.

Are you feeling adventurous? Dive in, and ride the tsunami of Point Conception wines, from first pass to final palette.


Our Winemakers

Etienne Terlinden - Head Winemaker

Reared in Belgium, Point Conception head winemaker Etienne Terlinden once played hide-and-seek in his grandfather’s wine cellar among divine Grand Crû Bordeaux and Première Crû Burgundy wines. After a primary viticulture education steeped in heirloom European vintages, Etienne relocated to Los Angeles with his Belgian father and Californian mother. He continued to discover fine wine throughout plentiful European travels, uncovering the importance of terroir and supreme harmony of balanced wine and food pairings.

Etienne spent summers working for a French winery, embarking on a love affair with oenology later strengthened during his college education at UC Santa Barbara. With a passion for the unique microclimates, terroir, and distinct character of wines from California's Central Coast, he founded Cordon of Santa Barbara in 2001 to create exceptional wines honoring old world tradition and European ancestry. 

Building on the success of Cordon, Etienne sought to honor the majesty that is the new world. Point Conception wines are inspired by the awe of farmer and surfer as they navigate mother nature in humility and splendor.





Meghan Sanders - Assistant Winemaker

Surfer-turned-photographer-turned-winemaker Meghan Sanders is the heart of Point Conception wines. After building a successful career behind the camera lens, Meghan did some soul-searching. She knew that she was seeking a new path. One that was full of adventures, challenges, and all the beauty that the surrounding nature had to offer. Becoming the assistant winemaker for Point Conception was the answer from the universe that she was looking for.

Under the careful guidance of head winemaker Etienne Terlinden, Meghan is diving headfirst into the exciting, unique, and multi-faceted world of wine. Meghan has hit the ground running and giving all the drive, curiosity, and passion that all other winemakers possess towards producing wines that honor the majesty of nature and California terroir.

When she’s not working, Meghan loves to spend afternoons surfing the California tides. A lifestyle that’s been close to her heart, surfing has become her way of connecting with nature and finding inner peace. When she’s in the open water, she’s transported to another world. One that’s full of mystery, tranquility, and wisdom. 



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